Time to get back in the game

Almost 2 years ago, we put D.U.G. on the back burner. As a matter of fact, we took it completely off the stove completely. Spencer got very busy with SAR Global Tool and Jason had to focus on his new job in Thailand. A commitment that Jason made was to focus completely on his new … More Time to get back in the game


Tootsie toys rock!

Love finding these little gems of joy. I’ve buried my fair share of toys over the years, so it’s fun when I find one dropped or buried. We have a great little spot to hunt where several houses used to be. They are clearing the lot to build a store. Also have some other cool … More Tootsie toys rock!

Quickdig coming!

A new Quickdig is only a day or so away. What’s special about this one is that it was shot and edited by my sons, Andrew (15) and Conner (11). Not too bad of a job if I say so myself. In the meantime, check out the nurses pin, buckle and Buffalo nickel I found … More Quickdig coming!