Tootsie toys rock!

Love finding these little gems of joy. I’ve buried my fair share of toys over the years, so it’s fun when I find one dropped or buried. We have a great little spot to hunt where several houses used to be. They are clearing the lot to build a store. Also have some other cool … More Tootsie toys rock!

Quickdig coming!

A new Quickdig is only a day or so away. What’s special about this one is that it was shot and edited by my sons, Andrew (15) and Conner (11). Not too bad of a job if I say so myself. In the meantime, check out the nurses pin, buckle and Buffalo nickel I found … More Quickdig coming!

His first coin

Never really turned my son loose with a metal detector in all the time I have been hunting. Just haven’t had the extra detector to spare, and he has always been a cameraman when he has been out with us. So I borrowed one today for a couple hour hunt and lo and behold, he … More His first coin