So much has been happening…

It is hard enough to keep up with all that has been happening for DUG, much less write about it in a timely manner. Since starting this blog, we have plunged head first into relic hunting and have left the days of junk collecting far behind. We have so many cool finds to share, we are struggling to film it all and get it together. We have been in the local paper for recovering a lost engagement that spent 21 years hidden in the dirt. We have searched for the Confederate Highway in South Louisiana, hunted a pre-civil war fort site in Missouri, crawled under a century old house and made some amazing friendships and connections that we hope are a sign of lifelong relationships. We have put together a great little HD camera rig with a GoPro and a Zoom H4N recorder. It has served us very well in the field and much of the footage you will see from us will be shot from that. So for now, I will put up a copy of the newspaper article about the ring and a link to Lost Treasure Magazine’s newsletter where we were named in a hunt along side of Steve Moore and a host of other amazing treasure hunters. Here is the link to that newsletter.

In the next few weeks, we will do our best to post more finds here and get our first episode created. We have also purchased the domain name! How cool is that?

Our desire is to do more than just put up videos of us digging and recovering relics. We want to bring you the history and the stories behind what we find.

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