Things are rolling faster now!

We have officially finished shooting all the footage for our first true episode of D.U.G. Discovered Under Ground. We have decided to release what we are calling Quick Digs to feature certain items that are cool, but just maybe not material to make a whole episode out of. Our first regular episode will feature the engagement ring story we already posted about, but you get to see the actually recovery and return videos. Plus we debut our first “What is it?” where you, the viewer get to help us figure out what we have on our hands.

Doors have been opening for us a lot lately. People are very curious to see what is under their yards and have been very gracious to let us dig. We also obtained permission to hunt at our local courthouse. This is where we found our first Barber quarter. So keep watching and you will see what we find and maybe help us figure a few things out.

Another goal we have in creating these videos is to help those who are new in metal detecting to learn the hobby a little faster. We will try to decode some of the lingo that is used and help you understand what the significance of some of the “junk” you may be pulling out of the ground.

We recently had the opportunity to travel to a pre-civil war fort and hunt with some pretty accomplished hunters. So a big shout out and thanks to Steve Moore and Brian McKenzie from Garrett Metal Detectors, Evan Granger of, Bill Kasselman, Vance Gwin; and John Housely and Mrs. Carla of Lost Treasure magazine. Thanks for the great hunt and for welcoming us into the metal detecting family. (Sorry if I misspelled any names… its how Brian had you spelled in his phone…lol. Hey Brian… look at that bus coming our way <shove…splat>

We have also recently become dealers for Garrett machines. So if you are interested in a machine, let us know and we can set you up. Plus it helps us with gas money and such so we stay out of trouble with the wives.

Team D.U.G., out!


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