Made In The United States Of America


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.”

Dr Suess

I find myself saying this more and more, always striving to keep a positive outlook even after digging a weeks worth of junky targets in 100++ “Africa Hot” weather. Yet we are never left empty handed and have manage to come away with some cool relics, and as always hang out with some great land owners. So with that we would like to welcome all to this last week of “Metal Detecting” for Team D.U.G..

After last weeks ride on the “Silver” coin train, I have yet to see anymore at some of our favorite spots. The standard fare has been the “stinken Lincon”, “Clad” (current circulation coinage) and the thing that will always bring a smile is the good old “Wheat” cents and cool old “American Made Relics“.

Not sure of the time frame on this hand crank door bell cover, the 13 stars on the flag makes me wonder. If anyone else has a clue on time frame it has a serial number on the inside but no manufactuer mark. It was diffently “Made In the United States”!


The value of some items is not a concern, the richness in the spilt second of reliving your childhood is the reward.

Toy cars


Toy Marshall Badge that is completely intact…..”Cowboys and Indians”


Vintage toy wheels of a by gone era


This Bobby pin which says “Hollywood Pin-Ups” Webb manufacturing on the back, brings thoughts of the Pin up girls of the forty’s, WWII and women of the “Rosie the Riveter” era.


Great Cars with great key styles, back in the day we made everything nice and built to last. I did very little research on this key, I wanted to just believe it goes to a old car. The other item is a well made brass valve stem removal tool.


A cool Ornate brass buckle that has a back-stamp which reads “Colonial”


A very nice example of a Saint Christopher medal, from a old military housing complex, service members still look to this item for protection just as those before them.


Trade/Tax tokens from Louisiana and Mississippi and a watch fob from a 1920-30’s  Texas manufacture of oil drilling mud

A button with a patent date of Dec, 1924


Louisiana state Seal medallion


This item was actually found two weeks ago but I forgot to feature it, and it fits into this post nicely. We are researching old photos of police officers to see if its a whistle they would have used on duty. It was a surface detection laying neatly on top of the ground at a 103 year old house and right on the edge of a major road leaving town.


In summery America was a manufacturing great at one time and yes it still is to a certain degree!

Yesterday as I worked on this post I had no direction or even a good title, my wonderful wife suggested we all go to one of my favorite spots and she would try the “Metal Detecting” thing for the first time. I set her up with a Garrett ACE 250, Pro pointer and Lesch digging tool and after getting her familiar with the controls, and what to listen for she proceeds to dig a 1925 wheat cent about two feet away from me….awesome huh! At the end of about a hour long hunt she dumped her bag of finds, as we sorted through it I spotted a very old crunched up die-cast “Fire Truck”. After cleaning up the truck I found the mark which is the first picture in this post giving me the much needed direction for this post.

My wife Corbe and here first time metal detecting finds.


Her 1925 wheat cent


The toy fire engine that inspired the title and direction of this post.



Thats I all I have for last week, hope it was worth the read. What does team DUG have in store for the future, it would be what some of you have been asking for and that feature is the AT readout camera. It will show the display on the machines and live action of digging the target, for some that require “Authentic digs”. Just a reminder that we have no axe to grind and would gain nothing from staging digs or the targets, we are two guys that have a true passion for “Treasure Hunting and we  place Honesty, integrity above all else when conducting this site.

Looking forward to any comments, feedback and suggestion you guys and gals may have.

Good luck and happy hunting!




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