D.U.G. – Discovered Under Ground – Quickdig #003

This Quickdig release is more of an update of what we are striving to do to bring you , the viewer, a more enhanced viewing experience. In this Quickdig, Jason introduces us to the new mounts he and Spencer are using to capture the readouts of their Garrett AT Gold and AT Pro. Future enhancements should include audio from the machines as well.

2 thoughts on “D.U.G. – Discovered Under Ground – Quickdig #003

  1. I enjoy the way that you are approaching show in the fact that it is about metal detecting ethically and for the fun of learining about the history of your finds.

    One recommendation that I have for your show is that you recover your targets using the least invasive means possible.

    The Park districts and forest preserves in my area that still allow metal detecting have a big hang up with people carrying around full size spades to dig targets like you show in some of your videos.

    I would recommend showing how a coin probe can be used to recover coins that are within 2-3″ inches from the surface, and how to use a hand trowel to dig a plug.

    Showing all the garbage metal detectorist pick up in an effort to clean up parks and how to replace a plug with no evidence that you were there would really help.

    Thank you,
    Ken L

    1. Excellent suggestions Ken. We do in fact use hand trowels for many of our recoveries. We determine what tools we use to dig mainly by the location. For example in a yard like you saw with the Quickdig videos, we used hand trowels. In fields and lots we pull out the bigger guns because it’s easier, faster and it’s not an issue. The coin probe is a good suggestion. Maybe we can do that in an episode… Show all three ways and how to effectively cut and replace plugs. I know we learned a lot from trial and error.

      And trash, yeah, we have plenty of that to show. We both try and pile up and pack out things we find. When I hunt the sand volleyball courts for example, I recover all the trash someone could cut themselves on.

      All great ideas to teach the next enthusiast how to be a good steward of the gift of hunting someone else’s property.

      Thanks for watching and happy hunting!
      Team D.U.G.

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