A quick dig with a new friend

We have obviously been away from the keyboard and the editing software for a little while, but that does not mean we have not been hunting. It is prime hunting season and we have been trying to invest our time wisely. Life is full of priorities that we each have to establish and follow. For us, detecting had to take a back seat to a few things. But that has not quenched our passion for making and sharing cool discoveries.

We also talk to a lot of people about detecting. One particular conversation I had with someone in the hopes of detecting on some privately owned Civil War sites has led to a new friendship. This new friend and his wife are both interested in detecting and so we have started spending a little time getting used to their machines. They live on a farm that possibly had an old farmhouse or something on it. There is an old well site there too.

So we were just messing around, learning how to distinguish the sounds of their Minelab machines when I hit something that sounded a lot like a aluminum can… But it was just a little different. So we dug it and this is what we found.


We quickly jumped on Google and found out that it is a name tag for a Dr. Pepper truck driver. Some of the websites I have read date it back to the 1930’s. In great shape they are valued between $200-$400. Pretty cool little find. We have no idea why it would be there or how it could have gotten there but it’s a neat little find.

On another note, I have already made one scouting trip to this Civil War site and recovered a relic. I will be sharing more about that in a quick dig video coming soon.

Happy Hunting!


One thought on “A quick dig with a new friend

  1. Just letting you know people are still checking the site. Love what you guys are doing and hope to see more updates soon!

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