We are still alive!

Spencer and Jason are still kicking, but busy with other aspects of life. Spencer’s business, SAR Global Tool is expanding, and Jason has filled what spare time he has working on photography, film and church work. On top of that, he is awaiting surgery on his wrist. A real bummer for a metal detecting enthusiast. You can check his photography over at http://www.thehomesicknomad.com.
We have footage for about 4 short episodes sitting on a portable hard drive. Trust us when we say Jason is itching to put it together.
And there are possibilities of hunts in the future. We thank all those who have checked us out on YouTube and your kind comments.
Once Jason gets a few projects finished for work, he hopes to turn a little attention back to a couple episodes for you.
We did have a awesome story a few months ago when we got a sneak peek at Garrett’s new prototype machine, but those darn non-disclosure agreements got in the way!
Until next time, keep hunting, keep digging and keep discovering!


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