Time to get back in the game

Almost 2 years ago, we put D.U.G. on the back burner. As a matter of fact, we took it completely off the stove completely. Spencer got very busy with SAR Global Tool and Jason had to focus on his new job in Thailand. A commitment that Jason made was to focus completely on his new job and learning a new language and culture. To do that effectively, Jason sold his gear and quit detecting for what he promised to be at least one year. Now, nearly two years later, Garrett is on the cusp of releasing a new machine and Jason is ready to get back in the game with a Thailand version of Discovered Under Ground. In June, Jason will be visiting the U.S. and picking up an AT Pro or if Garrett has released the new machine by then, one of those. Jason has already started research on places to hunt in Thailand and is excited to bring you some new content. Most of the content will be delivered on the YouTube channel, but written articles and other content will be curated here. So get ready for some new discoveries.


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