Calling all Space Rangers!

Are you ready for some 1950’s science fiction goodness? I hit a clothesline at lunch today after practically inhaling my sandwiches so as to maximize hunting time. I hit this target only seconds after turning on the machine.


At first I was thinking Buzz Lightyear, but as I looked at the age of the cast aluminum, I thought… Wait, cast aluminum? That’s not new. It’s not safe, it can break off into a tiny piece and choke little Johnny. No, this is a piece older than Buzz and Pixar. This is back from the days when black and white TV’s balanced precariously on top of TV Trays. This is older than me!

Sure enough, this little gem is from a TV show that ran from 1954-1956 named Rocky Jones: Space Ranger. This is good stuff!

Here is an episode I found on YouTube.

Love this find. It goes in the collection.


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